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Wooden headjoints in Grenadilla for silver flutes.

The natural beauty and rich, warm sound of a wooden headjoint allows a variety of tonal colours, thus enhancing the player’s performance. The headjoint still retains the quick response and dynamic control in the third register associated with silver flutes.

The thinned headjoint produces clear articulation and is very responsive with good projection as well as good harmonics. Flutes with our headjoints respond immediately to your playing, giving greater flexibility. This increased responsiveness you realise from these headjoints is a result of the under/over cutting on the mouth hole.

The headjoints can be made to fit most existing flute bodies.

Each headjoint comes with a leather bound hard case, which is fitted and lined inside.

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Headjoint Liprest & mouth hole Headjoint with case
Headjoint Liprest & mouth hole Headjoint with case