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Georges' flutes are simply the best made today. I have been playing one for a few years now and used it on film scores and live performances. A real joy to use, better than my old R&R which was sold as soon as I got the eight keyed from George. I am now getting an Eight keyed alto which I will use on the next Mel Gibson movie, and I am looking forward to receiving it.

(Bob, London, July 2006)

Just wanted to write and let you know how pleased I've been with my Ormiston flute. When I purchased it I didn't know much about wooden flutes (I'd spent about 25 years playing various silver flutes). It's a lovely thing, and a real joy to play. Thank you so much, and keep up the beautiful work!

(Catherine, Kentucky, USA, March 2004)

First, I have to express my gratitude for the flute you made for me in 2004.  It has come with me everywhere - a year in Austria, then three years in Quebec where I really started going to sessions and learning French Canadian music along with Irish and Scottish, and now back to my hometown of Saint Louis, Missouri - and it's really not a stretch to say that it has been a life changer for me.  Thank you so, so much for making such beautiful instruments!

(Lisa, Missouri, USA, Jan 2009)

I am enjoying the flute which had become an every day part of the family. I only lay it down when the arms have to rest ;-). Just made the deposit for the whistle. All the best from a sunny Belgium.

(Ronnie, Belgium, April 2009)

Hi George. It's around six months since I started with the flute I got from you (#575)... and each day I'm getting more and more pleased with it! Realy, a very good instrument. Thank you very much for such a serious work, and... good luck

(Inaki, Basque Country, Jan 2006)

Just a wee note to say that having had the new flute for a few months, it is playing in beautifully. The tone and volume are excellent and it is a delight to play. Remember, if you are coming up the A9 give us a call and we'll put the kettle on.

(John, Perthshire, Scotland, May 2005)

I bought a keyless flute (#442) of yours a few years ago and play it almost daily. I love it. The sound is so wonderful. Thank you for a great gift.

(Jim, Texas, USA, Jan 2005)

I have just bought one of your flutes, a keyless flute in D (numbered 356). It plays really well. I am a silver flute player who wanted to play folk flute and tried many, yours was the easiest to play and has the nicest sound. Thank you.

(Kevin, Manchester, England, Dec 2004)

The flute is still doing absolutely great. It still seems to improve (or would it be me?). I may be lucky here, because you told me it would take about fifty years to play it in! Well, you sure had me there!

(Isaac, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, July 2003)

I've just received a Keyless Flute in C from George Ormiston, No. 516. As a beginner I'm not qualified to comment on the performance of the flute apart from saying that it is easy enough to play both high and low octaves. The quality of workmanship is 1st class as was the service. The flute arrived 10 months to the day from the date the order was confirmed, as promised. I'm looking forward to getting to know my flute and I'm sure I'll get lots of pleasure from it.

(Richard, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland, June 2003)

Yo George, The flute just gets better and better, Ive even started playing in Eb on it! I think ive got too much spare time on my hands. Will Catch up soon.

(Kev, Glasgow, Scotland, Dec 2001)

The eagle has landed! Many thanks. The whistle looks beautiful and I am enjoying the tone very much. Well done. Good wishes.

(Peter, Eastleigh, England, April 2009)

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